Solo album

New single, Sisäpiha got released in February 2020! It got picked to many Spotify playlists and has been also played in Radio Helsinki. Yay!
My single, Kivee was released in 22.11.2019! It got the best reviews at a song panel in Radio Suomi's Levylautakunta -program. Have a listen!
The last part of the album, Omaa -EP got a five star review in Helsingin Sanomat. Happy about it, obviously! Check out the review here.

Omaa - EP was also selected to the chart of Helsingin Sanomat -critics best releases of the year 2020.

A concert for kids with Helsinki Philharmonic, Kuiskaajan Aaria ("Prompters Aria") was released 1.12.! 

I made half of the arrangements for Helsinki Philharmonic and a small folk music ensemble and two soloists. I was also playing one of the maincharacters, which was great fun! Check Kuiskaajan Aaria here!

I was also interviewed by Keskipohjanmaa-news paper about Kuiskaajan aaria, you can read it here!

New music for children from Mutaveijarit 

Our childrens music band Mutaveijarit released a new album Nyt mennään! 5.12.2019! It got five star review in the biggest Finnish newspaper Helsingin Sanomat. So happy! Album was produced by Veikko Muikku & Yours truly.

Album was rewarded twice in the year 2020, as the best chlidren's music album of the year, and the band was rewarded as the best writers of children's music. 

In January 2021 the album Nyt mennään! got nominated for the Finnish Grammies, Emma-Gaala.
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Interview in Kauppalehti, Finnish Tradenews paper (2020)

I got interviewed in January by the Finnish Tradenews paper Kauppalehti about my freelancer life! Go check it out! 

Interview in Keskipohjanmaa (2020)

Had a lovely chat in February about the album release with Keskipohjanmaa reporter Anni Saari. Read here!

Interview in Turun sanomat (2020)

I was being interviewed in March by Turun Sanomat about my album release and my job as a freelancer. Good talks, read here!

Working in following bands atm: 
Bergå Folk Project, Matti Johannes Koivu & Uskomaton Folktrio, Vesala-Järvelä-Rahmel, Mutaveijarit, Frigg (substitute)

PAST GIGS 2020: 

19.12. Once / Helsinki, Lilla Teatern
18.12. Bergå Folk Project / Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestras Encounters -club

16.12.  Once / Helsinki, Lilla Teatern
 Once / Helsinki, Lilla Teatern
 Once / Helsinki, Lilla Teatern
 Once / Helsinki, Lilla Teatern
 Once / Helsinki, Lilla Teatern
 Once / Helsinki, Lilla Teatern
 Once / Helsinki, Lilla Teatern
 Once / Helsinki, Lilla Teatern
 Once / Helsinki, Lilla Teatern
Once / Helsinki, Lilla Teatern
 Once / Helsinki, Lilla Teatern
19.11.  Once / Helsinki, Lilla Teatern
13.11. Once / Helsinki, Lilla Teatern
12.11. Once / Helsinki, Lilla Teatern
11.11. Once / Helsinki, Lilla Teatern
10.11. Once / Helsinki, Lilla Teatern
7.11. Once / Helsinki, Lilla Teatern
6.11. Once / Helsinki, Lilla Teatern
3.11. Aili Järvelä / Tampere, G Livelab
30.10. Once / Helsinki, Lilla Teatern
28.10. Once / Helsinki, Lilla Teatern
19.9. Mutaveijarit / Espoo, Sellosali
9.9. Matti Johannes Koivu / Helsinki, Ateneum

24.8. Aili Järvelä trio / Helsinki, G Livelab, private gig
15.6. Vesala-Järvelä-Rahmel / Helsinki, Savoy-teatteri
4.6. Mutaveijarit / stream, Helsinki
29.5. Vesala-Järvelä-Rahmel / stream, Tuusula, Krapin paja
14.5. Mutaveijarit / stream, Porvoo 
9.5. YLE Olohuone w/ Matti Johannes Koivu
3.5. Mutaveijarit / stream, Järvenpää
8.5. Frigg / Shetland
7.5. Frigg / Shetland
6.5. Frigg / Shetland
4.5. Frigg / Shetland
3.5. Frigg / Shetland
2.5. Frigg / Shetland
1.5. Frigg / Shetland
30.4. Frigg / Shetland
15.4. Matti Johannes Koivu / Helsinki, Ateneum
28.3. Mutaveijarit / Helsinki, Malmitalo
26.3. Matti Johannes Koivu / Pieksämäki
19.3. Tapiola Sinfonietta / Taidetestaajat, Espoo
18.3. Tapiola Sinfonietta / Taidetestaajat, Espoo
17.3. Tapiola Sinfonietta / Taidetestaajat, Espoo

6.3. Frigg / Austria

5.3. Frigg / Austria

4.3. Frigg / Austria

19.2. Teri Mantere / Helsinki, Tenho

16.2. Mutaveijarit / Helsinki, Kapsäkki (album release)

15.2. Kalevala / Åbo Svenska Teater 
14.2. Kalevala / Åbo Svenska Teater

8.2. Kalevala / Åbo Svenska Teater

7.2. Kalevala / Åbo Svenska Teater

1.2. Kalevala / Åbo Svenska Teater

31.1. Kalevala / Åbo Svenska Teater

301. Matti Johannes Koivu / Helsinki, On the rocks
25.1. Kalevala / Åbo Svenska Teater
24.1. Kalevala / Åbo Svenska Teater
18.1. Matti Johannes Koivu / Turku, Logomo
18.1. Kalevala / Åbo Svenska Teater
17.1. Kalevala / Åbo Svenska Teater

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